Paunescu & Asociatii is a law firm that appreciates both the value of its people and of its clients.

We do not charge by the hour. We do not charge you when we pick up the phone or send you an email. We do not extracharge you for travel time. All that stuff would disconnect us from the real value of what we do. We invest in long term relationships with our clients (with some of them we started this relationship 20 years ago), and we appreciate the value of our services.

We have a lot to offer and we provide it in a practical way that implies reduced costs and quality service. That`s a small part of Paunescu & Asociatii difference.

Finally, the difference is given by the lawyers who work with us.

  • We can find a solution for absolutely any aspect related to the establishment and modification of the companies, the authorized individuals or the individual enterprises, only by calling us.

  • We can quickly set up owners associations, associations and foundations, minimum fees.

  • We can help you obtaining / canceling building permits, town planning documentation, zoning urban planning, etc., construction built without respecting urban planning rules. We're here to help!

  • Divorce fast, civilized and without headaches, all at minimal cost. Our office offers our clients a lawyer dedicated to divorce, partition, divorce abroad, minors, and everything else related to family law. If you divorced abroad, we help you obtain the recognition of the decision in Romania so that it can take effect in the country (exequator).

  • If your aircraft is delayed, you can get damage from the company you flew with. The fee you have to pay is 35% as a result, that is, you do not have to pay anything before, but only 35% of the amount recovered at the end, after receiving the indemnities.

  • If you need a lawyer for a criminal law case, do not hesitate to call directly at
    0744 523 537.

  • Debt recovery based on a successful fee, charged as a percentage of the amounts actually recovered at the time of recovery, ie the payment result. Recovery of unpaid debts from insurance companies.Recovery of claims from the state, mayors or any other state institutions. The fee is between 5% and 35% of the amount recovered at the end of the charge.

  • We offer you the possibility of temporary establishment of the registered office at the lawyer's office and also related services such as receipt of correspondence and redirection to you as soon as possible. Request a personalized offer!

  • A term of Roman law used to denote a mode of acquisition of property) (click) If you have a land or a real estate for more than 30 years and yet do not have any property title on it, you need to know that the only solution is to start a uzucapio/prescription trial in order to obtain a property title. If you own the real estate for even 10 years but you have a just title and possess it as a real owner, the solution is the same. If you built a building on someone else's land on a land where you are not the owner, the solution is to start a real estate acquisition process in order to obtain a property title. Fees for these processes vary depending on the complexity of the case. Request a personalized offer!


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