Litigation and Enforcement

Litigation everywhere from the High Court to the littlest tribunal for both private and corporate.
We are aware that nobody but a crazy person litigates for fun. Disputes are frequently inevitable, but they're always unproductive, very expensive and an incredible drain on time and energy.

So how can we make this experience less awful? We believe that focusing more on resolution rather than on the dispute. Many litigators recommend litigation; we see litigation as absolutely the last resort.

Since 1997, our team is extremely deep in experience in court. We know how the system works and how to use it to your best advantage.

You get clear, concise advice on where you stand; we'll engage direct negotiations, mediation or any other alternative dispute resolution method we think might resolve the dispute; if litigation has to be, then we take on the fight.

In addition to the classical litigation arising from civil liability, defense of property rights, debt recovery, or any litigation in the field of family law (divorce, alowance, parental authority, visit program, partition), let us guide you in bank litigation or in the negotiations for damages as a result of airplane delays or road accidents.

We could write a brochure to include the variety of disputes in which we can help you, but prefer letting your imagination work and we invite you to address us directly to find an advantageous solution. A plus of our firm is that in debt recovery and damages as a result of airplane delays or road accidents, we only charge you a successful fee, in other words, payment on result!

Civil Law

Constitution, exercise, defense of real rights, real estate publicity, civil obligations, civil contracts and succession rights, contractual and tort liability, family law, recovery of nationalized property during the communist period and the list may continue for pages.

It is certain that we offer high quality services in the field of civil law. We have over 20 years of activity behind us and clients dating since then.

Our property team looks after all of our clients’ property needs. We have the experience and love of paperwork necessary to handle any property matter. We can give you advice which is to the point and focuses on the big issues, because we’ve seen and done it all many times before.

Labour Law and pension

Employment agreements, awards, enterprise agreements, discrimination, bullying, harassment, unfair dismissal, disputes on the correct calculation of the pension.

Workplace relations is a hellishly difficult field, governed by a web legislation subject to constant change. The law may be a minefield, and you do need support from people who know it backwards. Our team spends a lot of time talking to our clients and helping you stay on the right side of the law with its specific issues related to the rights and obligations of employees and employers, internal regulation, labor protection.

We advice you on every aspect of employment law and pension, together with litigation in all the relevant courts and tribunals – we do all that for clients including mediation of labor conflicts, preparation of documents and assistance in disciplinary commissions, preparation of imputation decisions and payment commitments, decisions on the dissolution of individual labor contracts and litigation on pension decisions.

You get easy access, super fast response times, brief, practical and easy to understand advice and a sympathetic ear.

Professionals and Corporate Law

Our team has gained vast experience in professionals and corporate law, providing overall legal assistance to the companies with whom it has cooperated, from their establishment, by drawing up their articles of incorporation, bylaws and resolutions of the corporate bodies to their assistance in the dissolution procedures.

Commercial law is about the day to day operational legal needs of a corporate client. It's the core of your business, and servicing it also happens to be the core of ours.

It means drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts of infinite variety; advising on the legal aspects of big and small commercial decisions; ensuring you comply with all the laws and regulations that govern your business; and pointing out and helping you manage your legal risks well before they bite you.

We have also assisted the professionals in the legal procedures for registration and cancellation of the registration of trademarks and inventions.

Our commercial team is fast, responsive, pragmatic and delightful. You'll wonder how you survived before you know us.

Penal Law

Our team has dealt with complex criminal cases, offering our clients legal assistance and specialized representation both in the criminal investigation phase and in the trial phase. We have represented both individuals and legal entities in cases of tax evasion, money laundering, deception, fraudulent management, abuse of service or negligence in the service, as well as other economic crimes.

In carrying out the activities carried out by Paunescu & Associates in the field of criminal law and in all other areas, the principles of confidentiality and professional secrecy are of major importance.

  • We can find a solution for absolutely any aspect related to the establishment and modification of the companies, the authorized individuals or the individual enterprises, only by calling us.

  • We can quickly set up owners associations, associations and foundations, minimum fees.

  • We can help you obtaining / canceling building permits, town planning documentation, zoning urban planning, etc., construction built without respecting urban planning rules. We're here to help!

  • Divorce fast, civilized and without headaches, all at minimal cost. Our office offers our clients a lawyer dedicated to divorce, partition, divorce abroad, minors, and everything else related to family law. If you divorced abroad, we help you obtain the recognition of the decision in Romania so that it can take effect in the country (exequator).

  • If your aircraft is delayed, you can get damage from the company you flew with. The fee you have to pay is 35% as a result, that is, you do not have to pay anything before, but only 35% of the amount recovered at the end, after receiving the indemnities.

  • If you need a lawyer for a criminal law case, do not hesitate to call directly at
    0744 523 537.

  • Debt recovery based on a successful fee, charged as a percentage of the amounts actually recovered at the time of recovery, ie the payment result. Recovery of unpaid debts from insurance companies.Recovery of claims from the state, mayors or any other state institutions. The fee is between 5% and 35% of the amount recovered at the end of the charge.

  • We offer you the possibility of temporary establishment of the registered office at the lawyer's office and also related services such as receipt of correspondence and redirection to you as soon as possible. Request a personalized offer!

  • A term of Roman law used to denote a mode of acquisition of property) (click) If you have a land or a real estate for more than 30 years and yet do not have any property title on it, you need to know that the only solution is to start a uzucapio/prescription trial in order to obtain a property title. If you own the real estate for even 10 years but you have a just title and possess it as a real owner, the solution is the same. If you built a building on someone else's land on a land where you are not the owner, the solution is to start a real estate acquisition process in order to obtain a property title. Fees for these processes vary depending on the complexity of the case. Request a personalized offer!


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